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October 22, 2020

Michigan Muskegon River Salmon Fishing

Michigan Salmon Guide

Muskegon river Salmon fishing starts mid Aug casting Junior Thundersticks on the lower River. Michigan Salmon hit these plugs with such aggression to it will keep you coming back for more.

Michigan Salmon Fishing

Muskegon river Salmon fishing peaks mid Oct with fishable numbers through November.

Fishing seasons:

Spring Steelhead: March, April, May

Trout: May, June, July, Aug.

Salmon: Late Aug., Sept., Oct.

Fall Steelhead: Oct., Nov. Dec.

Winter Steelhead: Dec., Jan., Feb., March

Muskegon River Salmon Fishing in Michigan

Muskegon River Salmon Fishing

Muskegon river fly fishing for Salmon starts the first of Oct with streamers, egg fly, nymphs and patterns we devoloped for muskegon river fishing.

Muskegon River Guide trip

Muskegon River Guides will keep you hooked on Salmon Fishing Michigan's Muskegon River. Muskegon is known for it's many "master angler" Salmon and fishing with your Michigan Salmon Guide (Capt Art) will ensure you a sucsessful trip.

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